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The Mane 6 by ~Jrenon

The Mane Six by ~Jrenon

A brony and proud still to this day (since Dec 2010)
I love MLP-FiM, the community, and the staff that make this show about color-pastel ponies so amazing!

Here’s you can download the episodes in 1080p or 720p
These are direct downloads, meaning you download directly!
I hope you guys don’t mind…anyways here ya go.

To those who don’t like the show, it’s okay I understand.

If any of y’all haven’t seen or given the show a try, have a look at a few episodes. Try not to have high-expectations btw. The first episodes (ep.1 & 2) are different and change as episode 3 starts but get more better as you go along (not saying that the beginning episodes are bad just that they aren’t the best)

If you just want to look at one episode I recommend watch episode 16 of season 1, Sonic Rainboom:

Here’s another episode you can check out, a favorite of mine, episode 6 of season 1 – Boast Busters:

Thanks to those who don’t like the show but don’t mind those who do, I appreciate those who understand =)

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