Hot Diggity Doom / The Comet – SEASON 6 FINALE! – Adventure Time (Lite!) With Finn & Jake Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Episodes (Includes Pilot) – Season 6 – Ep.21B/22A – Hot Diggity Doom and The Comet added! (SEASON 6 FINALE! YEAH!) – 6-5-2015

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Hot Diggity Doom / The Comet

On the Lam!


Be Sweet!

You Forgot Your Floaties!

Here we go, y’all…the Season 6 finale is here
and it’s two whole episodes in one!

Oh boy oh boy…this has been an rather
heck of an week for Adventure Time and now
we’re at the end of Season 6 that’ll deal
with a lot of things I have no idea what will
happen besides the foreshadowed Princess Bubblegum’s
Croak Dream (As in, it will happen in real life) from
the episode “Hoots”…and The Comet, prepare yourselves
everyone…things are about to get HECTIC!

Go download the episode below and I hope
y’all enjoy it well!

Also the episode, On The Lam, was fun
and interesting to see a episode of Marty’s
own Adventure hehe. Now where is he off…

Well…with Season 6 done, i’ll keep this
post up with news of Season 7 and when it
is coming but until then, see y’all later! ^-^

Also to note, I’ve uploaded Water Park Prank with
the WEB-DL version of the episode! yay~ and you can download
it below or here hehe! (Contains the Full Ending and all too!)

Season 6 Ep.19a – Water Park Prank (WEB-DL VERSION ADDED!)
alt: AT – 619a(Uppit) / AT – 619a(MEGA)
[alt: AT – 619a(HD – Uppit) / AT-619a(HD – MEGA)]


for “You Forgot Your Floaties”
Avoid if you don’t want to know what happens
in the episode if you haven’t seen it yet.

Hello y’all, I recently watched the last two episodes and I like to talk
about the first new episode that aired this Monday, You Forgot Your Floaties.

That episode was…not only awesome but revealed a whole lot of things
about Magic Man, along with the surprise appearance of Betty as well.

That and this very important tidbit that got me…
“Magic, Madness, and Sadness” (MMS for short).

That’s what Betty was researching on, this theory of hers. Gosh…it hit me when
I re-watched the scene multiple times and read A.V’s review, learning about
the ending of the episode which…I didn’t make out until reading that…Simon
was actually saying the episode’s title!

It means that Betty herself has dipped into the pool of
MMS, gaining magic herself somehow…she’s drowned in the
dark pool of MMS and as for Magic Man, it seems the lack of
Sadness has turned him into a normal being, no magic.

They’re a lot of things that made me wondered about
the symptoms of Magic users, Betty/Magic Man, the loss of
Margles and Magic Man’s driven goal of bringing her back…
and more.

I read, and agree with this post here:

on what caused Magic Man to originally gain magic since it’s made apparent
that he had Magic before the loss of Margles…but somehow gained
stronger when she was gone.

All in all, loved the episode, just loved it and I highly recommend it
to y’all who haven’t seen it yet or to catch up on Adventure Time
to see what happens in this unique episode. =)

As for the second episode titled “Be Sweet”, the ending
is enough to explain how excited I am to see what will
happen in the next three episodes of Adventure Time! =D

Download The Latest episode – Season 6 Ep.21b/22a – Hot Diggity Doom and The Comet – here or scroll down to season 6 section:
alt: AT – 21b/22a(Uppit) / AT – 21b/22a(MEGA)
[alt: AT – 21b/22a(HD – Uppit) / AT-21b/22a(HD – MEGA)]

Season 6 Ep.21a – On the Lam (Aired Thursday, June 4th)
alt: AT – 621a(Uppit) / AT – 621a(MEGA)
[alt: AT – 621a(HD – Uppit) / AT-621a(HD – MEGA)]

Season 6 Ep.20b – Orgalorg (Aired Wednesday, June 3rd)
alt: AT – 620b(Uppit) / AT – 620b(MEGA)
[alt: AT – 620b(HD – Uppit) / AT-620b(HD – MEGA)]

Season 6 Ep.20a – Be Sweet (Aired Tuesday, June 2nd)
alt: AT – 620a(Uppit) / AT – 620a(MEGA)
[alt: AT – 620a(HD – Uppit) / AT-620a(HD – MEGA)]

Season 6 Ep.19b – You Forgot Your Floaties (Aired Monday, June 1st)
alt: AT – 619b(Uppit) / AT – 619b(MEGA)
[alt: AT – 619b(HD – Uppit) / AT-619b(HD – MEGA)]

*recommend vlc media player or Zoom Player or combined community codec pack if you can’t open mp4 or mkv


Next new episode:
Season 7

Airing: TBA

If I forget to update this, then feel free tell me!
In case I do forget and you’re wondering what the next episode is,
then here’s an link to the list of adventure time episodes on wikipedia
that will show all the episodes including the next, new episodes!
List of Adventure Time episodes

The Many Awesome Voice Actors (and guests) behind the many characters of The Land of Ooo!



Adventure Time – Seasons 1-5
Adventure Time – Season 6
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The reason why Season 1-5 and 6 are separate is because i’m 2% away from
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What Time is it?

It’s Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

This Lite blog will be updated automatically when new episodes are aired(hopefully).

Download Episodes:

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Twilight’s Kingdom Parts 1&2 – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep. 25 and 26

Unleash [SFM|GIF] by argodaemon
(Made back in November 2013, but represents how awesome the episodes are
and in hindsight, very accurate hehe!)

THE SEASON 4 FINALE, finally finishing up Season 4 and gosh is just amazing!
Oh my gosh y’all who haven’t seen this episode, you’re in for one heck of an episode with an intimating character as well brought back from G1 of MLP!

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Equestria Games – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.24

Crystal Kingdom by 3luk

Well well, this was an pleasant surprise hehe!
A pleasant surprise that may surprise y’all too if you don’t know
what’s gonna happen in the episode!

Dave Polsky you’ve yet again done an good job writing this episode!
A nice episode indeed among other good episodes you’ve written during Season 4!

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Inspiration Manifestation – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.23

Spike’s Dream by Game-BeatX14

How fascinating I gotta say hehe.

Now it’s not the bestest episode to me but an good episode overall hehe!
First off is it’s an SPIKE AND RARITY EPISODE! =D

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Trade Ya – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.22

Twilight with Friends by DeannART

Two whole weeks have passed with Season 4’s first break and here
we have Trade Ya which I really enjoyed a lot!

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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.21

Flying Forward (Wallpaper Version) by verulence

Guys, this episode was AMAZING!!!

Before I watched this episode on the day of it’s premiere, I knew nothing about the episode except for one thing I won’t spoil for y’all like I did for myself. That one thing was something I learned accidentally from reading the comments on Equestria Daily hehe!

But let me just say that I wasn’t expecting this episode to be fantastic!
OMiGOSH it was such an surprise and it reminded me of how awesome Lesson Zero was when I first watched it hehe!

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Leap of Faith – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.20

Apple Family Best Friends Forever by Secret-Asian-Man

First off, what an interesting episode title…I like it!

Second, this is an really good episode that doesn’t do too much or do too little!
It’s just an fairly good episode written by Josh Habur who some of you may remember writing
episodes such as “Simple Ways” and “Castle Mane-ia” hehe!

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