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Steven Universe Download Post – Season 5 Ep.1 thru 4 – Wanted Special Added! (+Updated Links) – 7/4/2017

Steven Universe Season 5 – WANTED Premiere Special

All Mega Folder links are updated with new ones!

Ello y’all! Sorry I’m late on updating this post!
First off, the new episodes of Season 5’s WANTED Special has been
already up on MEGA since it’s release on iTunes back on Tuesday.

So if you to get them, you can right now!
Still I kinda forgot to update this post about
them so I apologize.

With that said, these past 4 episodes…
has re-kindled a primal feeling of EXCITEMENT
and HYPE for Steven Universe because they’re
all so AWESOME!!!

You have no idea how much I wanted this without even knowing
I wanted this and now that I’ve seen it all…I’m excited, so excited
for what’s to come throughout Season 5!

I won’t spoil a thing but please…go watch them
if you haven’t yet or if you have, I hope you like/loved
them all!

Now we’re currently in hiatus until the next new episodes
are announced. Until then, see ya for now!

Oh and in other news, as of June 2nd, the Official Steven Universe
Soundtrack (Volume 1) has released! It’s up on iTunes, Spotify, etc!
Y’all should check it out, buy it if you love the sweet musical gems
of this show and help support the Crewniverse! ^_^

I’m most certainly gonna get it when I have the money hehe!
Thanks Crewniverse for everything and thanks to RC as well!
Enjoy the superb season 5 premiere special!

…It’s been a while since the Season 4 Finale, so I feel I can finally
post her on here.

Sup Aquamarine, my new favorite gem (incl. Topaz) alongside Peridot!

Say, do you want to officially support the show but
don’t watch/have TV? Want to watch full episodes while
at the same time supporting the show as confirmed by the
crewniverse themselves?

Always loved this series and wanted to help give back
to the creators for their hardwork? =D

Well there is a way to do so without TV (basically for anyone
who doesn’t own a Nielsen box) but do note that it doesn’t apply
to everyone depending on where you live.

That and you’ll need to have a TV Provider’s account [e.g Xfinity/Comcast, DirectTV, etc]
You might not even know if you have one but if you have a subscription and use the internet
from them, you likely have one.

Now then, to support the series, you
can go to CN’s Officially website linked here:

Or you can use the CN App which is available on both Apple’s App Store and
Google’s Play Store [iPhone/iDevices & Android Devices].

Once you’re on the site, click on the “log in” button link at
the top and login with your TV Provider’s account to gain
access to many locked videos, Full Episodes and more!

Once you do this, you can watch the episodes on there
and at the same time support the show! New episodes tend
to appear on there sometime after a new episodes premiere
or may be on there way before premiere as part of CN’s “See it First” section.

If you read all of this, thank you and if you’re able to login, I hope
you enjoy the episodes and kindly give thanks to you for helping support the
series! See ya!


are the Crystal GEMS!
We’ll always save the day
and if you think we can’t,
we’ll always find a way!

That’s why the people of this world believe in…
Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl…


Full, Extended Opening (Contains minor spoilers):

This post will be at first bare bones but i’ll be updating this post overtime, refining it like the Amazing World of Gumball post which to be honest took a long while, like weeks or something to build! You have no idea how long those posts take with uploading episodes, pics, editing, checking, etc!

Takes a lot of hours/days to do haha!
So this post will be bare bones for now but overtime i’ll make
it much more better and tidy up!

Here’s a link to my MEGA folders containing all the episodes of Steven Universe
in 1080p, 720p, and 480p!

Yup! Here you go and enjoy:
Steven Universe – Season 1 (1080p/720p/480p)

Steven Universe – Season 2 & 3 (1080p/720p/480p)

Steven Universe – Season 4 & 5 (1080p/720p/480p)

Besides that, get the NEWEST EPISODES below!


*You can find the Steven Universe WANTED Episodes in the
Season 4 & 5 MEGA Folder above!*










Note about Season 1 Eps. 47/Season 2 Eps.4 – Shirt Club and Love Letters

It seems that iTunes has screwed up and
made a bad release with those two episodes,
Shirt Club and Love Letters.

They’re appear to be in 1976×1076/1280×716/640×478 (compared
to 1920×1080, 1280×720 and 640×480 on every episode before it and now forward)
and that wouldn’t be such a problem…if it weren’t for the fact that they all appear
to be cropped to 4:3 and stretched to 16:9 (missing a portion of the whole episode)
and have washed out colors, looking dull/have a loss of color.

This is a problem that iTunes made and until
they release a fixed version of the two episodes above,
those two episodes above will be temp and will be replaced
with an fixed, non-cropped/washed out version when available.

I’ll post a message when they fix it, until then, you can
download the above episodes above for now. That is all
and thanks for reading!

Here’s a comparison screenshot to show the apparent
issues with this release!
Title Screen comparison

To see the comparison, hover the mouse over
the screenshot to see the difference between the
cropped, WEB-DL rip in comparison to past
WEB-DL rips.

You’ll see clearly just how cropped/washed
out it is from it…indeed I hope iTunes
doesn’t ignore this and fixes it soon!

Small Edit:
Looks like the crop problem isn’t affecting future
episodes after this one but…there’s still the
dull/washed colors problem but it’s less an issue
then the cropped issue affecting those two episodes above!

Hopefully we’ll be able to get an episode
without any of those problems in the future!

All in all, it’s finally here and for real…

Enjoy and i’ll see y’all around!
You’ll see lil updates there and there
when i’m not feeling lazy and stuff hehe. =)

Season 1:
Section Indev!

Season 2:
Section Indev2!

Season 3:
Section will be done someday.

Season 4:

THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL IS BACK!!! – Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 Episode Download Post! – Season 4 Ep. 15 THRU 26!!! – The Uploads (WEB-DL), The Apprentice, The Hug, The Wicked, The Origins Pt.1&2, etc all added! – 6-10-2016

**Obligatory apologize for the greatest delay/laziness of updating
in the entire galaxy with a sad dance**

Many Months Later…

Gosh what time is it?

Well counting the last time being in October 2015 I posted
a new episode…

8 MONTHS?!!!
I feel even more sad for not updating so soon…
But I chose this path when trying to find a reliable, very
good secondary host on par with MEGA! I may of found one, but
the unknowingly of said host being useful when requiring purchasing
an upgrade…you know what, I’ll spear the rambling.

I’m sorry y’all, for each and every comment that has asked about
the links being dead and everything to me saying this post will be
updated soon (which I decided to search for said good secondary host in-place
of Uppit), no more today as the long wait is finally over.

This post will be re-done different then before.
Instead of individual links for every episode of the series
being posted, instead you’ll find links to the main MEGA folders
that contain every episode including the title-cards as well.

That way, in the future if something happens to the links like at the end of January 2016
when all these links died, it’ll be easier to replace and fix them instead of replacing multiple
links at once which takes a huge amount of time to do.

But the newest episodes will still have links to them
below just like in my other posts (Steven Universe post for example), so anyone
caught up on the series can download the newest episode below without having to browse
the MEGA folder unless they want to.

I don’t have much else to say other than a total of 14 NEW EPISODES ARE NOW
AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD since the last update to this post. Quick words I want to
say is…they’re all enjoyable, funny and amazing.

The Origins Two-Part episodes were a surprise and honestly wonderful
telling the backstory of Darwin meeting Gumball. If you haven’t seen it, have fun
watching it all through!

I won’t ramble on, some of this post is the same as before but much
has been changed for the better. Please enjoy the episodes below, report
any errors/issues if you find any and well, see ya for the time being!

This has been a long time coming…such an ridiculous delay.


For those who haven’t seen this yet (or want to watch it again =D), you’re gonna likely love this!
From the creator of the awesome video titled “What if Gravity Falls was an anime”
comes a new video just released last week on Jan 18th…

Imagine what if The Amazing World of Gumball would look like as an anime…
Well now you can see how it all looks in the video below! =D

It’s SUPER AWESOME and features one of my favorite scenes hehe!

Living Baby Doll by Mikeinel

That adorable gif image is also made by Mike Inel, the same creator of the AWESOME
anime depiction of Gumball above! ^-^

Hope y’all enjoy the video, gif and the new episodes below!
See ya in two weeks with the next new WEB-DL episodes y’all
and have fun hehe! =D

Download the latest episodes here or scroll down to the Season 4 section:

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.28 – The Nest
480p: S04E24 (Mega)
720p: S04E24-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E24-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.27 – The Awkwardness
480p: S04E23 (Mega)
720p: S04E23-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E23-1080p (Mega)


The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.26 – The Love
480p: S04E24 (Mega)
720p: S04E24-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E24-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.25 – The Parasite
480p: S04E23 (Mega)
720p: S04E23-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E23-1080p (Mega)


The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.24 – The Signal
480p: S04E24 (Mega)
720p: S04E24-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E24-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.23 – The Advice
480p: S04E23 (Mega)
720p: S04E23-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E23-1080p (Mega)


The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.22 – The Girlfriend
480p: S04E22 (Mega)
720p: S04E22-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E22-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.21 – The Traitor
480p: S04E21 (Mega)
720p: S04E21-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E21-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.20 – The Origins Pt.2
480p: S04E20 (Mega)
720p: S04E20-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E20-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.19 – The Origins Pt.1
480p: S04E19 (Mega)
720p: S04E19-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E19-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.18 – The Wicked
480p: S04E18 (Mega)
720p: S04E18-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E18-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.17 – The Hug
480p: S04E17 (Mega)
720p: S04E17-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E17-1080p (Mega)


The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.16 – The Apprentice
480p: S04E16 (Mega)
720p: S04E16-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E16-1080p (Mega)

The Amazing World of Gumball – Season 4 Ep.15 – The Uploads
480p: S04E15 (Mega)
720p: S04E15-720p (Mega)
1080p: S04E15-1080p (Mega)

*recommend vlc media player, Zoom Player or combined community codec pack if you can’t open mp4 or mkv

Welcome to Elmore! This quaint little suburb isn’t quite what it seems, as in Elmore, just about everything has the ability to come to life! The Amazing World of Gumball follows the misadventures of Gumball, a twelve year old cat. With the help of his best friend Darwin, he frequently finds himself involved in various shenanigans around the city, during which he interacts with his other family members—sister Anais and parents Nicole and Richard—and an extended supporting cast of characters.

Join Gumball Watterson and his family as they must deal with all kind of funny and crazy situations in The Amazing World of Gumball!

I’ll continuously update this post with the newest episodes as they come!
Download below and enjoy as well hehe!

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Seasons 1-5 on MEGA – Regular Show Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Episodes (Includes Pilot) – replaced mega link with working one (Seasons 1-3) – 3-27-2016


Hmm…This post has been bothering
me for sometime as it’s been un-updated
over a whole year.

…I’ll have to redo this post sometime.

Hello, it’s time that I update this post finally after all these months.

I’m sorry that I haven’t said or updated anything on this post of
Regular Show for Seasons 4 and 5 and more…

I was planning on re-doing this whole post in lieu of my
Gumball Post and episodes that I upload and post on there.
Re-doing this post means making it better and having all the
newest episodes available for y’all but that didn’t happen
for some reasons.

I have the episodes for Seasons 4 and 5 and was planning
on uploading them for this post…but I found that many of the episodes
including Season 1 (WEB-DL, not the blu-ray rips that I was gonna replace with WEB-DL)
that I downloaded had many ill-cuts to the intro/credits and whatnot.

Yeah…I decided not to upload them for those reasons and plan
on to, in the future, purchase and properly rip the episodes off
of iTunes and upload them for y’all to download without any problems.

Yup! That won’t be for a looong while as I have no money, but in the mean-time…
I’ll give y’all the links to all the episodes of Regular Show in 1080p/720p
from Seasons 1 through 5! (These are the same episodes that with
the improper cuts btw, but contains whole episodes!)

These episodes were not uploaded by me but by someone else named Cartoons and you can
find the thread where these links come from right here:

You’ll need to login/register an account to view the thread but it’s easy to make
one if you wondering. =)

With that said, here’re the links in 108p/720p!

Regular Show 1080p:

1080p – Season 1 – Vol.1

1080p – Season 2 Vol.2
1080p – Seasons 2 and Seasons 3 Vol.3
1080p – Season 3 Vol.4

1080p – Season 4 Vol.5
1080p – Season 4 Vol.6

1080p – Season 5 Vol.7
1080p – Season 5 Vol.8

Regular Show – 720p:

720p – Season 1 – Vol.1

720p – Season 2 Vol.2
720p – Seasons 2 and Seasons 3 Vol.3
720p – Season 3 Vol.4

720p – Season 4 Vol.5
720p – Season 4 Vol.6

720p – Season 5 Vol.7
720p – Season 5 Vol.8

Yes that’s a lot of links but that’s all of them for Seasons 1 through 5!
Also the Seasons are split in volumes as they are on iTunes which is why you see the
vol numbers. You can rename the episodes to match the season they’re from when it comes
to Volomes 6-8. (and Vol.3 when it comes to the last few episodes of Season 2!)

Again sorry for the long hiatus on this post since February!
May I be able to return to this post in the future with all the episodes
properly rip and uploaded for y’all upto the newest season!

See ya and enjoy! ^-^


Season 3 Added!

Regular show, it’s anything but.
I’ll try to upload the rest of the seasons in time! For now you can get Seasons 1, 2, and 3!

Here’s the Regular Show MEGA link for every episode! (Currently Seasons 1, 2, and 3!)

Regular Show – MEGA

Til then, enjoy y’all!

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Season of the Mitch – SEASON 2 FINALE!!! – Bravest Warriors – Episode download links and Youtube videos on Cartoon Hangover! – Season 2 Ep.12 – Season of the Mitch added! (+ Fixed all MEGA links not working with explanation as of how this happened) – 11-13-2015

Season of the Mitch!

Short Update – November 13, 2015

for the Mega Folder link and 3 episodes from Season 2…but still

No they’re not dead, apparently it’s something else entirely.
I had my suspicions when the majority of MEGA links on The Amazing
World of Gumball post were not working…only affecting 3/4ths of Season
3 and all of Season 2/1 but not the newer ones (when mega changed to .nz).

I learned that the “File/Folder” link in the mega links were
for some reason, changed, and caused all those links to not work.

As in, this part of the mega links:!qwQgkCqI!UoZ3bV0H3UYiKN02BkLKim93txxF5-GvCx4I2BCeuj8
Changed, causing the previous older links to not work.
This might sound confusing at first but, let me just say
that the short encrypted part of the link was changed to
another one, causing said link to not work.

But…the decryption key (last part of the mega link) was not changed, thus meaning
the file was not deleted but the link was just changed!

This all happened around September/October and it’s so strange
that all my older MEGA links just changed and well, not work anymore!

Good Grief…that’s annoying.
Anyways I fixed all the MEGA links except
the ones that already were working so you’ll
can download the individual episodes below! ^_^

Oh and i’ll be sure to post Season 3 when it
premieres! It hasn’t premiered yet and there’s no
date as to when as of now but when it does and I learn
of it, i’ll be sure to update this post!

See ya until then! =D


Yes-sirree, The 2nd Parter/Season 2 Finale is here and it surely was an crazy, exciting season alright!
I hope y’all enjoy the conclusion to Season 2 above hehe! =)

To be honest, I haven’t seen all of Season 2 Bravest Warriors (as I’ve
been wanting to wait and see them all at once like with Season 1!) but I can’t
to watch them all as I know the 2nd Season is SUPER AWESOME! ^_^

Oh and SEASON 3 of BRAVEST WARRIORS HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED and it’s coming soon.
Here’s the video for the Season 3 announcement by Sam Lavagnino, the voice of

Anywhos i’ll be sure to upload Season 3 of Bravest Warriors once it comes
out in the future hehe! Besides that, enjoy the Season 2 finale above and
get the downloads for it below! ^,^

Download the Newest Episode – Season 2 Ep.12 – Season of the Mitch – here or scroll down to
the download section below:
S2EP12 – 720p
S2EP12 – 1080p

Intermission – BEE AND PUPPYCAT!!!

The kickstarter for the Bee and Puppycat series succeeded! =D
Link to kickstarter:

In the future, I’ll be sure to make a post made specially for this awesome new show!
Also I gotta say that this is very awesome news to hear! A great show like this not being made into a series would be disappointing…but thankfully that won’t happen now that it succeeded on Kickstarter!

I certainly cannot wait for the new episodes to premiere in the future hehe!

If you’re curious about the show, here’s the first episode of Bee and Puppycat to see and learn
what it is! (I’ll be removing this intermission when I add the next episode!)

Also here’s a first look at Bee and Puppycat, the series!

Still in development but it’s coming along well hehe!
I surely can’t wait when the first episode of the series comes out! =D



Follow the adventures of 4 heroes-for-hire as they travel the vast Universe to save, help and protect the adorable aliens with the powers of their emotions.

I love this show as it’s amazing, awesome and plain-out fun hehe! It’s on Cartoon Hangover which is channel for more weirder, crazier, mature cartoons that are too much for TV!

I love Catbug! :3

Here’s the first episode on youtube!

Here’s a link to the playlist containing every episode of Bravest Warriors Season 1 on youtube!
Bravest Warriors Season 1 Playlist

Here’s a link to the Season 2 playlist of Bravest Warriors!
Bravest Warriors Season 2 Playlist

Plus here’s an playlist to the minisodes (mini episode) of Bravest Warrior!
Bravest Warriors Minisode (Mini Episode) Playlist

Here’s the MEGA link containing all the episodes upto the newest ones on MEGA!!!
Currently with 1080p and 720p! Will add 480p later!^^
Bravest Warriors – MEGA Download Folder

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Bloom and Gloom! – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Season 5 Ep. 4 – Bloom and Gloom added! – 8-23-2016 (Removed now dead mlpeps site)

20% Cooler!

The Mane 6 by ~Jrenon

The Mane Six by ~Jrenon

A brony and proud still to this day (since Dec 2010)
I love MLP-FiM, the community, and the staff that make this show about color-pastel ponies so amazing!

Here’s you can download the episodes in 1080p or 720p
These are direct downloads, meaning you download directly!
I hope you guys don’t mind…anyways here ya go.

To those who don’t like the show, it’s okay I understand.

If any of y’all haven’t seen or given the show a try, have a look at a few episodes. Try not to have high-expectations btw. The first episodes (ep.1 & 2) are different and change as episode 3 starts but get more better as you go along (not saying that the beginning episodes are bad just that they aren’t the best)

If you just want to look at one episode I recommend watch episode 16 of season 1, Sonic Rainboom:

Here’s another episode you can check out, a favorite of mine, episode 6 of season 1 – Boast Busters:

Thanks to those who don’t like the show but don’t mind those who do, I appreciate those who understand =)

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Friendship Time with Twi & Spike

Friendship Time by `Yamino


My two favorite shows combined!

And yes I’m a brony btw…hope you don’t mind that kthxs

Finally Here! 4 NEW EPISODES!!! – Adventure Time With Finn & Jake Seasons 1-10 Episodes (Includes Pilot) – Season 9 Ep.15 thru 18 – Seventeen, Ring of Fire, Marcy & Hudson, The First Investigation added! (Re-uploaded S10E08 – The First Investigation) – 1-6-2018


Adventure Time BOMB of December: 4 NEW EPISODES!

I cannot describe how late I am on this but…
I won’t say more then that they’re finally here!

(Well the episodes have been up on MEGA for a while
but now they’re here on this post and on!)

Sorry everyone, I was procrastinating on updating this post
haha…but anyways hello y’all, HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR as well!

We’re back with 4 (relatively) new epiosdes of Adventure Time
that are for some reason a part of season 10 now…

Yeah…Cartoon Network abruptly created Season 10 and moved
the episodes starting with “The Wild Hunt” into them.

First it was Season 9 that was abrupt but now this is
getting ridiculous, oh well…Adventure Time is nearing it’s
series finale so I can wait until then.

It is 2018 and thus the final year of AT…
When the time comes, I’ll miss it surely for all it’s done.

Anywho you can find the new episodes below or within
the MEGA Folder link as always!

See ya for now!
Maybe I won’t be too late next time haha..

OH and only 1080p ver. exists at the moment, I’ll
update it with 720p/480p when/if they come out in the near future!

Download The Latest Episodes here or scroll down to season’s section/secondary links below:

Please support the official release if you can! Read here to learn how: (May not apply to all in different regions)

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake – Season 10 Ep.05-08:
Seventeen, Ring of Fire, Marcy & Hudson, The First Investigation

FHD [1080p]

S10E05 – Seventeen [FHD]!nJF1VJgS!cDXm0Bv7HohI5VoAynDWOJSVNcx5l84G1ZQ8_nZxPg4

S10E06 – Ring of Fire [FHD]!iBVW3bZK!BK8lOsp1PyLgoG4aAn26OU82JSVursUb12kRhRS-ToA

S10E07 – Marcy & Hudson [FHD]!aB8jjSgK!G0Hh5rrx5jm-d56sL4Sozjyt-fHOdAk3In3uQY9jBbA

S10E08 – The First Investigation [FHD]!qMdzzYpZ!QtSp6d3fn1CBs53UKXyWg2jw_sXzIu6kDgDfiRV5SEY



Adventure Time – Seasons 1-5
Adventure Time – Seasons 6-10
MEGA - The Privacy Company

*recommend vlc media player or Zoom Player or combined community codec pack if you can’t open mp4 or mkv


Next new episode:

Blenanas – TBA
Come Along with Me – TBA

If I forget to update this, then feel free to tell me!
In case I do forget and you’re wondering what the next episode is,
then here’s a link to the list of adventure time episodes on Wikipedia
that will show every episode including the next, upcoming new ones!
List of Adventure Time episodes

The Many Awesome Voice Actors (and guests) behind the many characters of The Land of Ooo!


What Time is it?

It’s Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

Image Hosted by

This blog will be updated automatically when new episodes are aired(hopefully). Download Episodes:

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