Hello friend!

Allow me to introduce this kind stranger to you!
I’m TheCrazybunny56 aka Nwii KYA mm aka…
Jake Well which isn’t my real name but my Internet/Pen/User name!

I’m an fan of Adventure Time, really do love the show a lot as it’s MATHMATICAL!!!
Yup and i’m also an Brony and Proud! Been an brony since December 2010 (early in the fandom hehe!).
If you want to learn how I became a brony, read here: How I became a brony.

Just so you know it’s an long post so be prepared!
Oh and it also tells how I heard about MLP-FiM as well.

Besides being an fan i’m a fun-loving gamer, an good ol’ computer type of guy, an lover of all kinds of awesome animation types like Traditional/Digital/Claymation/Stop-motion/Cutout/3DCG/etc and love to have lots of fun fun fun!!!

Anyways besides that allow me to explain the purpose of this wordpress site!
It’s an ordinary wordpress site! Nothing more than that…but I have posts where I post new uploads
of Adventure Time which you can see here: Adventure Time Episode Post

I also post about MLP-FiM with various links as well here: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Post
Currently waiting for Season 4 which is premiering…next winter…Eeyup!

Here’s the Regular Show episode post too with links to all the episodes as well!
Regular Show Post (Currently Season 1 is uploaded at the moment.)
Enjoy hehe!

I plan on doing The Amazing World of Gumball and maybe some other shows in the future!
Indeed…I’m wishful this post has help explain what this site is and who I am!

To everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! Really do appreciate it and I might as say this…
Please support the official releases if possible!

If it wasn’t for them making Adventure Time, MLP-FiM, etc…we wouldn’t have them and without any support means they don’t get any money to continue the show which is very bad indeed! Not only that but it’s good to help support them for all of their hard-work put into making the shows for us so we might as well give back!

That is all and again thank you!