Hmm…This post has been bothering
me for sometime as it’s been un-updated
over a whole year.

…I’ll have to redo this post sometime.

Hello, it’s time that I update this post finally after all these months.

I’m sorry that I haven’t said or updated anything on this post of
Regular Show for Seasons 4 and 5 and more…

I was planning on re-doing this whole post in lieu of my
Gumball Post and episodes that I upload and post on there.
Re-doing this post means making it better and having all the
newest episodes available for y’all but that didn’t happen
for some reasons.

I have the episodes for Seasons 4 and 5 and was planning
on uploading them for this post…but I found that many of the episodes
including Season 1 (WEB-DL, not the blu-ray rips that I was gonna replace with WEB-DL)
that I downloaded had many ill-cuts to the intro/credits and whatnot.

Yeah…I decided not to upload them for those reasons and plan
on to, in the future, purchase and properly rip the episodes off
of iTunes and upload them for y’all to download without any problems.

Yup! That won’t be for a looong while as I have no money, but in the mean-time…
I’ll give y’all the links to all the episodes of Regular Show in 1080p/720p
from Seasons 1 through 5! (These are the same episodes that with
the improper cuts btw, but contains whole episodes!)

These episodes were not uploaded by me but by someone else named Cartoons and you can
find the thread where these links come from right here:

You’ll need to login/register an account to view the thread but it’s easy to make
one if you wondering. =)

With that said, here’re the links in 108p/720p!

Regular Show 1080p:

1080p – Season 1 – Vol.1

1080p – Season 2 Vol.2
1080p – Seasons 2 and Seasons 3 Vol.3
1080p – Season 3 Vol.4

1080p – Season 4 Vol.5
1080p – Season 4 Vol.6

1080p – Season 5 Vol.7
1080p – Season 5 Vol.8

Regular Show – 720p:

720p – Season 1 – Vol.1

720p – Season 2 Vol.2
720p – Seasons 2 and Seasons 3 Vol.3
720p – Season 3 Vol.4

720p – Season 4 Vol.5
720p – Season 4 Vol.6

720p – Season 5 Vol.7
720p – Season 5 Vol.8

Yes that’s a lot of links but that’s all of them for Seasons 1 through 5!
Also the Seasons are split in volumes as they are on iTunes which is why you see the
vol numbers. You can rename the episodes to match the season they’re from when it comes
to Volomes 6-8. (and Vol.3 when it comes to the last few episodes of Season 2!)

Again sorry for the long hiatus on this post since February!
May I be able to return to this post in the future with all the episodes
properly rip and uploaded for y’all upto the newest season!

See ya and enjoy! ^-^


Season 3 Added!

Regular show, it’s anything but.
I’ll try to upload the rest of the seasons in time! For now you can get Seasons 1, 2, and 3!

Here’s the Regular Show MEGA link for every episode! (Currently Seasons 1, 2, and 3!)

Regular Show – MEGA

Til then, enjoy y’all!

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