Season of the Mitch!


Yes-sirree, The 2nd Parter/Season 2 Finale is here and it surely was an crazy, exciting season alright!
I hope y’all enjoy the conclusion to Season 2 above hehe! =)

To be honest, I haven’t seen all of Season 2 Bravest Warriors (as I’ve
been wanting to wait and see them all at once like with Season 1!) but I can’t
to watch them all as I know the 2nd Season is SUPER AWESOME! ^_^

Oh and SEASON 3 of BRAVEST WARRIORS HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED and it’s coming soon.
Here’s the video for the Season 3 announcement by Sam Lavagnino, the voice of

Anywhos i’ll be sure to upload Season 3 of Bravest Warriors once it comes
out in the future hehe! Besides that, enjoy the Season 2 finale above and
get the downloads for it below! ^,^

Download the Newest Episode – Season 2 Ep.12 – Season of the Mitch – here or scroll down to
the download section below:
S2EP12 – 720p
S2EP12 – 1080p

Intermission – BEE AND PUPPYCAT!!!

The kickstarter for the Bee and Puppycat series succeeded! =D
Link to kickstarter:

In the future, I’ll be sure to make a post made specially for this awesome new show!
Also I gotta say that this is very awesome news to hear! A great show like this not being made into a series would be disappointing…but thankfully that won’t happen now that it succeeded on Kickstarter!

I certainly cannot wait for the new episodes to premiere in the future hehe!

If you’re curious about the show, here’s the first episode of Bee and Puppycat to see and learn
what it is! (I’ll be removing this intermission when I add the next episode!)

Also here’s a first look at Bee and Puppycat, the series!

Still in development but it’s coming along well hehe!
I surely can’t wait when the first episode of the series comes out! =D



Follow the adventures of 4 heroes-for-hire as they travel the vast Universe to save, help and protect the adorable aliens with the powers of their emotions.

I love this show as it’s amazing, awesome and plain-out fun hehe! It’s on Cartoon Hangover which is channel for more weirder, crazier, mature cartoons that are too much for TV!

I love Catbug! :3

Here’s the first episode on youtube!

Here’s a link to the playlist containing every episode of Bravest Warriors Season 1 on youtube!
Bravest Warriors Season 1 Playlist

Here’s a link to the Season 2 playlist of Bravest Warriors!
Bravest Warriors Season 2 Playlist

Plus here’s an playlist to the minisodes (mini episode) of Bravest Warrior!
Bravest Warriors Minisode (Mini Episode) Playlist

Here’s the MEGA link containing all the episodes upto the newest ones on MEGA!!!
Currently with 1080p and 720p! Will add 480p later!^^
Bravest Warriors – MEGA Download Folder

Download Links to Episodes:

The Bravest Warriors – Pilot by Pendleton Ward
EP0 – Pilot

Season 1

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.1 – Time Slime:
S1EP01 – 720p
S1EP01 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.2 – Emotion Lord
S1EP02 – 720p
S1EP02 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.3 – Butter Lettuce
S1EP03 – 720p
S1EP03 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.4 – Memory Donk
S1EP04 – 720p
S1EP04 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.5 – The Bunless
S1EP05 – 720p
S1EP05 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.6 – Lavarinth
S1EP06 – 720p
S1EP06 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.7 – Gas Powered Stick
S1EP07 – 720p
S1EP07 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.8 – Dan Before Time
S1EP08 – 720p
S1EP08 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.9 – Cereal Master
S1EP09 – 720p
S1EP09 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.10 – Ultra Wankershim
S1EP10 – 720p
S1EP10 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.11 – Catbug
S1EP11 – 720p
S1EP11 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 1 Ep.12 – Sugarbellies “the Lost Episode”
S1EP12 – 720p
S1EP12 – 1080p

Season 2

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep.1 – Aeon Worm
S2EP01 – 720p
S2EP01 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep.2 – RoboChris
S2EP02 – 720p
S2EP02 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep.3 – Mexican Touchdown
S2EP03 – 720p
S2EP03 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep.4 – Hamster Priest
S2EP04 – 720p
S2EP04 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. 5 – Jelly Kid Forever
S2EP05 – 720p
S2EP05 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. 6 – The Puppetyville Horror
S2EP06 – 720p
S2EP06 – 1080p

The Puppetyville Horror is written by Jhonen Vasquez. the creator of Invader Zim!
You can watch his Cartoon Hangover interview here and learn why Catbug was excluded in this episode too! =D

Also this episode Guest Stars the voice acting of Dana Snyder, the awesome guy and voice behind Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force! This episode is gonna be awesome hehe and I hope y’all enjoy it well! ^-^

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. 7 – Catbug’s Away Team
S2EP07 – 720p
S2EP07 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. 8 – Merewif Tag
S2EP08 – 720p
S2EP08 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. 9 – Dimension Garden
S2EP09 – 720p
S2EP09 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. 9.5 – Secret Comic Story Arc
S2EP09.5 – 720p
S2EP09.5 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. Ep.10 – The Parasox Pub
S2EP10 – 720p
S2EP10 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. Ep.11 – Season of the Worm
S2EP11 – 720p
S2EP11 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Season 2 Ep. Ep.12 – Season of the Mitch
S2EP12 – 720p
S2EP12 – 1080p

Minsodes (Mini Episodes)

Bravest Warriors – Minsode 1 – Moo-Phobia
miE01 – 720p
miE01 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Minsode 2 – Dramabug
miE02 – 720p
miE02 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Minsode 3 – Browser Fail
miE03 – 720p
miE03 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Minsode 4 – Impossibomb
miE04 – 720p
miE04 – 1080p

Bravest Warriors – Minsode 5 – Terrabeth Bytes
miE05 – 720p
miE05 – 1080p