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The Mane 6 by ~Jrenon

The Mane Six by ~Jrenon

A brony and proud still to this day (since Dec 2010)
I love MLP-FiM, the community, and the staff that make this show about color-pastel ponies so amazing!

Here’s you can download the episodes in 1080p or 720p
These are direct downloads, meaning you download directly!
I hope you guys don’t mind…anyways here ya go.

To those who don’t like the show, it’s okay I understand.

If any of y’all haven’t seen or given the show a try, have a look at a few episodes. Try not to have high-expectations btw. The first episodes (ep.1 & 2) are different and change as episode 3 starts but get more better as you go along (not saying that the beginning episodes are bad just that they aren’t the best)

If you just want to look at one episode IΒ recommendΒ watch episode 16 of season 1, Sonic Rainboom:

Here’s another episode you can check out, a favorite of mine, episode 6 of season 1 – Boast Busters:

Thanks to those who don’t like the show but don’t mind those who do, I appreciate those who understand =)

Ponyship’s main site where you can download episodes of MLP-FiM:
*Dead site, leads to malicious sites so it’s been removed.

Here’s yayponies instead:

There’s also Spazz who upload and provides HDTVrips that you can download
from here on his Google Doc’s Sharing is Magic post:

Here’s an alternative link as well to Spazz’s Sharing is Magic
blogspot (in case some unfortunate event happen’s the the doc above)
where you can download the HDTVrips!

They’re HDTVrips though (has watermarks and all) but if you
want watermark-less then go download from yayponies above! =)


Windy Apple Bloom by Amaterasu987654321


Hi y’all, WE’RE BACK with another new episode of MLP-FiM Season 5 hehe!

Here we have the new episode titled Bloom and Gloom featuring Apple Bloom!
I won’t say much besides it being a very well-needed, good, fun episode and
something that i’m happy to seen.

Yup! Download it below and enjoy it all well! =D

Bloom and Gloom – 720p WEB-DL (NoSubs)
Bloom and Gloom – 1080p WEB-DL (NoSubs)

Also Castle Sweet Castle WEB-DL rips:
Castle Sweet Castle – 720p WEB-DL
Castle Sweet Castle – 1080p WEB-DL

Enjoy! I’ll try updating this post with the newest
episodes when they become available for download!

(I won’t post any long thoughts like I did before for reasons.
I though will try to update this post with the newest episodes!)

Fan-animations by bronies for everypony/one!

Snowdrop – Awww…this will give you so many feelings…I shed liquid pride! I love Snowdrop, for an OC pony she’s very adorable and a nice character hehe! Oh and if your wondering, she’s blind which is why her eyes are different from other pony eyes! Besides that beautiful animation and a lovely story told in the past, right before Luna turned into Nightmare Moon! I believe y’all will love this animation just like I did hehe! Anyways go watch!

Double Rainboom – So many references and some memes but an overall awesome animation (depends if you like it or not!). To me I loved it all, I wish the pacing wasn’t too slow but it wasn’t such an big bother…just a lil bother to me.

Also OMiGOSH…I won’t spoil it, I never would do such an thing haha…but you gotta watch this and see it for yourself! For me…it was the most awesome thing I ever watched! Anyways enough of me babbling go watch the first fan-made brony episode that took an whole year to be developed! =D

HOLY AWESOME ANIMATION of Luna singing with the Children of the Night! An gorgeous and amazing short animation finally finished and released after a whole year of work! It was worth the wait and I hope y’a’ll enjoy as I really did and loved it!

You guys are gonna love this new fan-animation SERIES by JanAnimations (who previously made Picture Perfect Pony, makes/run “Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders” Ask Pony Blog, The Brony Song which was used in the Bronies Documentary, and more!) called Button’s Adventure! This is about a colt named Buttons who’s a young male pony who loves playing video games and is silly and fun (I believe). Follow the everyday adventures of Button Mash as he plays games, goes to school, talks to his (awesome) mom and more in Button’s Adventure! This is the pilot episode and more episodes are sure to follow in the future!

You may recognize him because he appeared on the show MLP-FiM, during Sweetie Belle’s song in Season 2, episode 17 – Hearts and Hooves Day. Here’s the link to the song and you can see him at 0:24 seconds in. Yup!

If you loved the episode, be sure to like and subscribe to JanAnimations!…if you want to that is.



Here’s the movie called Equestria Girls that you can watch here on youtube Bronynet in HD (can change to 1080p and 360p!) Firedrive, enjoy!

Firedrive is dead so the link doesn’t work.
I’ll replace it with a new link when I find a replacement…eventually.

I’ve been waiting to watch this movie and from what I hear it’s been getting a lot
of positive reception from many people! Not everyone likes it which I can understand well but
seeing this movie isn’t…that bad but ok makes me a bit more happy! I hope y’all enjoy this hehe!

Here’s a direct download of the movie in 1080p as well!
Equestria Girls Brrip 1080p Download

It’s 1.8 Gigabytes in size btw!

This movie is a spin-off by the way and won’t affect the main MLP-FiM series at all!
So no need to worry hehe! Just enjoy this for yourself and have fun! =D



This has been something I should of added to this post
since last year…but HERE IT IS! RAINBOW ROCKS and gosh
is this an great movie and a well-done sequel to the first movie!

What I love about this movie is not just the songs but
the characters in it and Sunset Shimmer’s development as well!
The three main antagonists of the movie are most certainly
fun villains, especially Sonata (Taco Tuesday hehe!) and the ending
was really good too! That and the after credits ending…

Yup! Anyways here’s the download link to the movie!
Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks – 1080p Brrip

It’s about 2.2GB and comes with some interesting
additional commentary tracks you can switch too!
Other then that, that’s the whole movie hehe!

Here are also a playlist link to all the Rainbow Rocks
shorts that aired before the movie released along with the
3 SUPER SPECIAL Music Videos that were released in April 2015!
I recommend checking them out when you can as they’re amazing
and wonderful to listen to! /)^3^(\

Rainbow Rocks Shorts & Special Music Videos

Enjoy and ROCK ON!!!
Now to prepare for the sequel…The Friendship Games.


Here’s a site where you can watch MLP-FiM Episodes from both season 1 and 2 in 1080p online
(it’s an favorite site of mine):
Unfortunately the site received an DMCA notice and every episode on the site has been removed…
Well here’s an alternative for y’all hosted on bronynet! (containing all episodes of Season 1, 2, and 3!) :

Here’s another site where you can download MLP-FiM episodes, this site has torrents of every episode as well =)
Yay Ponies – Archieve

Thanks to a kind friend named “Huhani”, here’s an awesome site that he created where you can also download
MLP-FiM episodes from! (Also if your browser is compatible, can stream too but mainly for downloading.)

Direct Download and Torrents for all episodes on yayponies:

yayponies has changed the way on how to download episodes off the
site to make it much easier and accessible compared to before.

All you gotta do is choose the Season you want to download the episodes from,
then the source you want (iTunes Raw, Color-Corrected re-encode, TVrips, etc)
and then the resolution you want (1080p or 720p) then click “Get Ponies” in which
new links will load up below without traversing to another page!

You’ll then be able to download the episodes you want directly or through torrent! ^-^

Complete Season Torrents (1080p, CC):

Season 1 1080p Color-Corrected MP4 torrent

Season 2 1080p Color-Corrected MP4 torrent

Season 3 1080p Color-Corrected MP4 torrent

Season 1 – Color-Corrected AU MKV torrent pack:
S1 720p (MKV) / S1 1080p (MKV)

Season 2 – Color-Corrected AU MKV torrent pack:
S2-720p (MKV) / S2 1080p (MKV)

Season 3 Color-Corrected MKV torrent pack:
S3 720p (MKV) / S3 1080p (MKV)

Season 4 Color-Corrected MKV torrent pack:
S4 720p (MKV) / S4 1080p (MKV)

Season 5 iTunes Raw torrent pack:
S5 720p (MKV) / S5 1080p (MKV)

Note: CC means Color-Corrected =)
Color-Correction being that the US itunes releases of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic suffer from colorloss (applying to season 1 only though…)

The word “AU” stands for Australian, as in for Australian iTunes rips!

Here’s an link to compare two screenshots of MLP-FiM Season 1 Ep.4 with and without color-correction: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/130846

Seems the comparison pictures have been deleted…don’t worry as I found another link that
demonstrates the Color-correction though it’s an color-correction of the Australian itunes rips of MLP-FiM
season 1 intro…still it shows what color-correction is and does! (And is the only comparison I found): http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison.php?id=1375

AU iTunes Rip vs. US iTunes Rip:
What is the difference between the two? Well the difference is that the Australasian rips have been encoded differently that has no cropping issues, less color-loss, and less glitches compared to the US iTunes releases.

Here’s am link to three different comparison screenshots that shows both the Australasia iTunes rip compared to the US iTunes rip (thanks to Yay Ponies for the comparison screenshots):




Also have this Google document that contains links to episodes of MLP-FiM seasons 1,2,3 and 4!
on youtube and download links all in HD and SD!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Episode & Download Guide

As explained above with Ponyship’s site, the Google Docs link above has been taken down
due to it violating Google’s terms. A shame indeed…but you can alternatively use yayponie’s
site in exchange to download all the episodes of MLP-FiM linked above!

There’s also Spazz’s own encoded HDTVrips of the episodes
that’s posted on the main Google Doc’s Sharing is Magic post! You can find it here:

Here’s an alternative link as well to Spazz’s Sharing is Magic
blogspot (in case some unfortunate event happen’s the the doc above)
where you can download the HDTVrips!

They’re HDTVrips though (has watermarks and all) but if you
want watermark-less then you can download from yayponies instead! =)

List of Season 4 episodes and my fun tidbits:

Season 4 Eps.1 and 2 – Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1 & 2
Season 4 Ep.3 – Castle Mane-ia
Season 4 Ep.4 – Daring Don’t
Season 4 Ep.5 – Flight to the Finish
Season 4 Ep.6 – Power Ponies
Season 4 Ep.7 – Bats!
Season 4 Ep.8 – Rarity Takes Manehattan
Season 4 Ep.9 – Pinkie Apple Pie
Season 4 Ep.10 – Rainbow Falls
Season 4 Ep.11 – Three’s A Crowd
Season 4 Ep.12 – Pinkie Pride
Season 4 Ep.13 – Simple Ways
Season 4 Ep.14 – Filli Vanilli
Season 4 Ep.15 – Twilight Time
Season 4 Ep.16 – It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies
Season 4 Ep.17 – Somepony to Watch Over Me
Season 4 Ep.18 – Maud Pie
Season 4 Ep.19 – For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
Season 4 Ep.20 – Leap of Faith
Season 4 Ep.21 – Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
Season 4 Ep.22 – Trade Ya
Season 4 Ep.23 – Inspiration Manifestation
Season 4 Ep.24 – Equestria Games
Season 4 Eps.25 and 26 – Twilight’s Kingdom Part 1 & 2

Go watch and Pony ON! HUZZAH!!!