Crystal Kingdom by 3luk

Well well, this was an pleasant surprise hehe!
A pleasant surprise that may surprise y’all too if you don’t know
what’s gonna happen in the episode!

Dave Polsky you’ve yet again done an good job writing this episode!
A nice episode indeed among other good episodes you’ve written during Season 4!

Anyways this was an good episode and I enjoyed it well for many reasons.
First off, I have to say that it’s been a long-time coming to see the Equestria Games
that’s been built up over two whole seasons!

A good amount of callbacks and continuty happens in this episode!
But I can’t continue on explaining this episode without revealing what this episode focuses
on and it surprised many…many who either like or dislike the episode for and that is…
This is Spike episode.

But Spike isn’t used as some slapstick or making dumb, indecisive decisions (besides
the singing which he actually didn’t know until Shining Armor told him.), in this episode
we actually see spike gain some character development along with an EXCELLENT moral that
I deeply among many others relate to.

It captured my feelings so well that i’m happy that Dave Polsky has done such an great job writing
that moral. Plus it was told a bit more differently then the usual “write in a journal/letter” as it
was said through voice in Spike’s mind or something like that hehe.

Anyways besides Spike being the focus of the episode, there were also the games that took place which was really nice as we got to see Dashie and her team compete and another event as well! Also the CMC come in to represent ponyville which was just cute hehe, more so when they’re praise for doing a good job by Dashie, Rarity and AJ!

It’s a shame though that the majority of the games were not shown and only two games appeared.
Yeah…but still this episode makes up for it with Spike besides that song which was both amusing and embarrassing. Other things that I like about this episode is the beginning with Rainbow Dash cheering up everypony for the games, along with Scoots awesome words!

Also I really enjoyed seeing Ms. Harshwhinny in this episode with her guiding Spike with the Torch, her way of calling Spike “Mr. The Dragon” which is both funny and interesting and among other things. She’s a hardworking pony alright when it comes to the games!

Pinkie Pie was also great in this episode too along with Twily who I also like in this episode!
Seeing Twily Sit along with the Princesses, how cool but too bad she couldn’t sit with her friends.

Oh and Derpy Hooves is back! yay~
Glad to see her again even if she doesn’t talk!

Lastly that ending with Spike…that I won’t spoil but it was awesome!
What’s also awesome is the callback to the Season 3 Premiere where Spike is treated as an…
You’ll see for yourself hehe! But it’s nice to have such an callback to that episode in the name of continuty!

Anyways I really enjoyed this episode and may you enjoy the episode too!
A lot of people have mixed feelings (Either like or dislike) toward this episode and I feel for one of them.
But still to me I enjoyed this episode well hehe! =D

A kind thanks to Dave Polsky for again doing an great job writing this episode!
Thank you and thank you to all the staff behind this episode for making this episode hehe!
Brohoofs /) to y’all, thanks for reading and now we prepare for the Season Finale! ^_^

You can download the episode here in 1080p/720p!

Equestria Games – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Equestria Games – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected