Spike’s Dream by Game-BeatX14

How fascinating I gotta say hehe.

Now it’s not the bestest episode to me but an good episode overall hehe!
First off is it’s an SPIKE AND RARITY EPISODE! =D

Not only that but Spike…is actually good again and not used for slapstick humor or dumbed-down, acting ridiculously silly, but acting like the reliable, helpful Spike that he used to be back in Lesson Zero hehe!

Though he’s not perfect in this episode to be honest as I found somethings to
not feel fond of. But it’s not that much and is only some nitpicks like the return
of Spike’s Crush on Rarity that, while I don’t mind, wish something new happened with it as
I would like to see Rari-Spike’s relationship evolve besides being friends hehe!

That and it’s odd that Spike couldn’t understand Owlicious in the beginning but can
half-way through the episode. But these are just small, nitpicks is all and I don’t
mind them too much hehe!

They’re a lot of things that I won’t spoil but I gotta talk about the
main thing that this episode is all about, Rarity and her newly gained magic!
How did she get it? I won’t say as you can see for yourself in the episode below hehe.

But OMiGOSH was this very awesome as Rarity had the power to make physically
anything into existence without any hassle. Indeed however overtime Rarity
starts to go power-crazy thanks to the magic that’s influencing her mind.

It’s interesting that it’s considered Dark Magic as well with in past episodes
being seen to be difficult and hard to cast when it comes to Twily (but not for Celestia/Luna)
but it’s a breeze for Rarity! I guess it’s the type of Dark Magic that’s determines how
hard it is to cast it or not…

Anyways I found Rarity both fun and kinda scary as she surged with this magical power!
She reminded me of Discord with his amazing magic of forming/shaping/creating anything into existence!

Though one major flaw exists in the spell, making it extremely risky to use for it’s major flaw.
The ending was indeed resolved rather to quickly which is a bit of a shame but oh well.

Gotta say i’m happy that Spike, with some eyeful judgement by Owlicious, fixed the situation
with Rarity on his own compared to other ponies resolving his problems.

Yes indeed though hard for him to muster up the words to Rarity for he looks up to
her a lot…as a friend and more. Interesting that Rarity forgot it all though once the spell
was undo hehe (I guess that means…that wasn’t Rarity the whole episode at all but the magic
itself! Or it’s just me haha.)

Overall I really enjoyed this episode and the tidbit at the end of the episode
with Twily was cute and funny as well. I wonder if Spike took the morel at the
end to heart…I surely hope he did! Oh yeah, the morel was good but re-used so it’s
not that much to talk about besides being honest about your friends actions!

Thanks to the writers, animators, voice-actors, storyboard artists, and more
for making this nice episode hehe! Brohoofs to y’all /) and keep up the great work! =D

Mah Puppets! – Pony Puppeteer
(I really like his accent and like puppet ponies hehe! DANCE PUPPETS DANCE!!!)

You can download the episode here in 1080p/720p!

Inspiration Manifestation – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Inspiration Manifestation – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected