Twilight with Friends by DeannART

Two whole weeks have passed with Season 4’s first break and here
we have Trade Ya which I really enjoyed a lot!

I won’t go into details so I don’t spoil ya’ll but let me just say that
Scott Sonneborn did an good job writing this episode. It may not be the greatest but
it’s an fairly good episode that I believe y’all will enjoy hehe!

It’s good that Scott is learning to gasp the characters personality as well
and with a bit more understanding, he’ll surely nail the personalities of the Mane 6
down well thus creating interesting stories in the future hehe!

Anyways what I really like about this episode is the 3 stories/subplots happening
with two ponies of the mane 6! It was actually nice to see that handled well and back just like
in Castle Mane-ia hehe!

The humor and dialogue in this episode was nice as well, my most enjoyment coming from
Dashie and Fluttershy together trying to get the items they needed most!

Oh yeah before I forget, this episode has an interesting theme where it’s set back
in Rainbow Falls which a even is happening. That event being that everypony gets to trade
for any stuff they have for something else as a fair trade, a trade which each pony agrees
to trade and want the item the other has!

It’s like a flea market but with no money needed, just the goods to trade for something
else if the other pony wants the item. Yup! ^_^

Good theme or setting or something haha.
Moving along, I also want to say that I like the callbacks to the older episodes in
continuity and the awesome references as well! (Bioshock Infinity reference!)

Another thing is the dynamic duo of friendship that is Rarity and Applejack
and gosh were they fun and silly as well, but fun to see as friends arguing over
who gets the item they want! I won’t say much as you can see it all in the episode
but I like the ending with them both happy hehe.

Fluttershy in this episode was really interesting as well.
A favorite pony of mine, yes, and she was such an awesome friend for doing everything
to get what Dashie wants even sacrificing some things. I’m glad Rainbow Dash saw the errors
she made around the end hehe!

Hmm…Oh! Twilight Sparkle is recognized again as an Princess as well, this time
on official business as well at the fair trade event! Yup and I like how Twilight Sparkle
was in this episode hehe! Pinkie Pie was something as well, trying to help Twily sell her
stuff (though Twilight just wants to get rid of them) until she actually convinces Twily the
value of her stuff!

Pinkie Pie wasn’t too bad in this episode as she was good and handled yet again well
just like the others! Yup!

Alright i’ll stop here and say that I really enjoyed this episode well!
A good episode alright and I hope y’all enjoy it well too hehe!

…One more thing and this is something special.
In the episode, you’ll see a unique-looking pony who has an wheelchair.

That pony has an interesting back story that I recommend y’all checking out as it’s
really sweet. Here’s the EqD post for it and no this isn’t spoilers as it doesn’t pertain to
the episodes plot but about a kid with an disease. Read everything here:

It’s really heartwarming and sweet that DHX/Hasbro and Make-a-wish foundation was
able to fulfill an wish for this poor kid. I wish him the utmost best throughout life
and to stay strong as well. Smile onward and never forget being awesome.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the episode very well!
It’s certainly was fun hehe! =D

You can download the episode here in 1080p/720p!

Trade Ya – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Trade Ya – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected