Apple Family Best Friends Forever by Secret-Asian-Man

First off, what an interesting episode title…I like it!

Second, this is an really good episode that doesn’t do too much or do too little!
It’s just an fairly good episode written by Josh Habur who some of you may remember writing
episodes such as “Simple Ways” and “Castle Mane-ia” hehe!

Without spoiling much of this episode, i’ll just say that what I like about this episode
is the return of the Flim Flam Brothers and their wonderful skills as sales ponies cleverly
trying to sell their latest product!

You’ll see what that product is in the episode but let me just say that compared
to Flim Flam’s previous appearance in the Season 2 episode “The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000”, this episode they’re acting as not honest sales ponies but con artists. Their clever con however is interesting in how they try to convince everypony who’s curious about their product. I honestly, no matter what, love the song they sung during their explanation of the product they have.

It may not be as great as their previous song in The SSCS-6000 but still it was fun to listen too!
Anyways they convinced Granny Smith to purchase their product which helped her conquer her fear of swimming! I won’t say much beyond this but I will talk about how the morel of the episode was really great and that I love how Applejack was handled in this episode as well!

Great job Josh Habur for writing AJ true to herself hehe!
Also this episode introduce’s an new pony by the name of Silver Shill (that’s an interesting name by the way) who’s voiced by Ian Corlett, the father of Claire Corlett who voices Sweetie Belle hehe! Silver Shill was an nice character and while he wasn’t up there with Coco Pommel (who’s my absolute favorite along with Maud Pie hehe!), I still like Silver for his personality and how he learned his lesson around the end from AJ.

What I can add is that it was cool to learn a bit more about Granny Smith’s past and the reason why she was anxious toward water. I love learning about stuff about these unique characters and may we continue to see more throughout the future hehe!

Also in this episode, Applejack is the 5th pony to gain an rainbow shimmering item given by Silver Shill. This time in the form of an bit which is cool but I think it was a bit shoehorned when AJ was given this item. Oh well, it’s still very nice and now Twilight Sparkle is the last of the Mane 6 who hasn’t found, learned and gained a special shimmering item.

I wonder how it’s gonna be handled with her hehe!
Anyways that is all I wanted to say, I like Flim and Flam in this episode and I must say
that I enjoyed the tidbit with Lyra in this episode too!

I thank everypony/one who worked on this episode, keep up the great work y’all hehe!
Thanks for reading and enjoy the episode well! =D

You can download the episode here in 1080p/720p!

Leap of Faith – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Leap of Faith – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected