.:Out of Shapes:. by Meteor-Venture

I knew that the second I saw her I would to grow to like her!
To be honest though I was afraid, before I watched the episode or knew anything about it (as I’ve been going in blind for pretty much all the episodes.), that she was going to be portrayed in as a bad person or something like that.

My fears were my own and everything about this episode made me not like Maud Pie, it made me LOVE her as she’s an awesome, unique, different type of character! Mono she may appear, inside she’s super duper AWESOME!!!

OMiGOSH y’all are in for an surprise around the end! You can see the first hint around the beginning of this episode when Maud comes and joins the Mane 6 hehe! Yeah…besides Maud becoming my new favorite pony along Coco Pommel and Cheese Sandwich, I enjoyed the use of humor in this episode!

Pinkie Pie was Pinkie Pie in this episode as she was very hyper, excited and whatnot about her sister. The rest of the Mane 6 were also great too with them spending time with Maud each at a time. Their personalities reflect so well with Maud and shows an interesting contrast between the ponies especially with Pinkie Pie herself!

This episode is written by yet another new writer named Noelle Benvenuti, as such I kindly welcome her to the Herd and wish her the best as part of the FiM Staff hehe!

Beyond that, I like to add that Maud Pie is a pony who didn’t appear in the Season 1 episode named “Cutie Mark Chronicles” but in the MLP-FiM book (not comic) called “Pinkie Pie and the Rockin’ Ponypalooza Party” by G.M Berrow!

During the episode titled “Pinkie Pride” when Pinkie Pie is looking at her photos, you can see Maud Pie as a filly in the photo of Pinkie Pie’s first party with her family! This is how she was fore-shadowed before appearing in this episode.

In the books, they’re mentions of a fourth sister as well but we don’t know much about her. She might appear in the show in the future though hehe! I hope to see Pinkie’s Pie other sisters named Limestone and Marble! (known as Inkie and Blinkie before G.M Berrow’s book.)

Yeah…I also like to add that I like the new animation shown at the beginning as portrayed by Pinkie Pie! It was very adorable and it shows what Pinkie Pie thinks of her sister hehe! =D

I have one more thing to say and it’s the morale of the episode which actually is a bit complicated but understandable. It’s not even put in a diary and more so told through the episode then just explained in one or two sentences hehe!

I love it though and it teaches a very nice lesson that I know when it comes to relating to those who are different but still friends. =)

That’s all I have to say without spoiling too much, everything was overall awesome hehe! Thanks goes to the new writer, animators, storyboard artists, voice actors, and the rest of the FiM staff! Anyways thanks for reading and I hope y’all enjoy the episode a lot just like I did hehe!

Maud Pie…you rock! woohoo~
Seriously she does hehe!

You can download the episode here in 1080p/720p!

Maud Pie – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Maud Pie – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected