Beginner’s Applebucking by Karzahnii

Golly this reminded me a bit of my childhood, thus making me love Apple Bloom much more just like when I first saw her in Bridle Gossip back in Season 1! Actually the way Applejack was acting toward Apple Bloom really reminded me of how AJ treated AB in Bridle Gossip!

Though AJ goes way far in being the honest, over-protective sister to some hilarious results hehe! Though i’ll be honest, the first time I watched this I felt…a bit wary of AJ’s blatant over-protection and I still do but…the fact that it was handled in a comedic way made me less wary of her.

But still…that was a bit too much.
Anyways I really enjoyed this episode, I like it but not a lot.
Just the ol’ liking of an good episode that’s apparently written by another new writer! OMiGOSH that’s awesome hehe! I hereby welcome the new writer, Scott Sonneborn to the herd hehe!

I’ll be looking forward to next new episodes you wrote throughout the future hehe!
Besides that, keep on being awesome and good job on your first episode!
I hope you learned a few pointers here and there and continue to improve! ^_^

Alright back to the episode, I really loved Apple Bloom in this episode and more so when she was finally home alone! It was so adorable and reminded me of my younger self as well when I was older enough to stay home hehe!

I didn’t dislike Applejack in this episode as I like her well for the silly stuff she done but…I think her over-protection was going a bit too far and that really dragged me from enjoying AJ completely in episode. Yup!

However, the ending though…I won’t spoil it but gosh was it awesome!
I loved it and I hope y’all enjoy that last part too as well!

Oh yeah, one last thing before I end this short lil’ post of thoughts is that I found both Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle really great in this episode! Sweetie Belle’s sleeping and Scoots humor along with stopping Apple Bloom…I won’t say it…was all great hehe!

Anyways I hope y’all enjoy the episode very well like I did!
Thanks for reading and go watch and enjoy the episode well if you haven’t!

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