Itteh Bitteh Cotton Candy Selling Committeh by Dreatos

I really enjoyed this new episode and it’s nice to see, for the first the,
the new creatures called Breezies and they’re just so adorable hehe!

Adorable yes, but one of them has an interesting personality and they
speak a particular language with some knowing how to speak English!

I won’t say much beyond that as you can watch the episode below (unless you already
seen it or read it before meaning you know what i’m talking about.) but this episode
wasn’t at all that bad hehe.

What I like about this episode is how Fluttershy learns and handles the situation
around the end of the episode. Differently, yes, but not at all in a way that puts
her in the wrong but just in the mis-understanding of what she’s doing.

The morel of the episode that Fluttershy explains at the end explains what
I mean well hehe.

Really the spotlight in this episode are the breezies and some lore about
them as well. Along with that is the ending as well that I won’t spoil for y’all hehe!

There was a nice lil reference around the beginning as well! Though I didn’t see it as I was
watching this episode on my TV and have to see it again through my computer. You all will
likely see it if you pay attention hehe! =)

Hint: It’s the tie.

Anyways I like the lore, world-building, humor and Fluttershy in the episode!
A great episode indeed written by Natasha Levinger hehe! (who wrote Pinkie Apple Pie before!)

Thanks for writing this awesome episode Natasha and thanks to the staff behind this episode too!
Enjoy the episode well everypony/one hehe! =D

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