You got a problem with blank flanks? by Game-BeatX14

Pleasant is how I feel about this episode! /)^3^(\
This is a nice, interesting and fun Cutie Mark Crusaders episode
that also has Twilight Sparkle as part of the focus hehe!

I won’t say much but I will say that I enjoyed this episode
very well! It’s okie doki great to me and one of my favorite parts is when
Twilight Sparkle is eating out hehe!

Also this is the first episode that shows Sweetie Belle’s
first step into…well you’ll see at the end of the episode!

But it’s nice to know that the CMC have gained new experience with the help
of those lessons and it’s nice to see them write in the journal for the morel of
the story just like the Mane 6 did hehe!

Also, about Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon…
While still jerks, it was rather interesting to see them portrayed differently
then usual and gosh it would be nice if those girls actually learned and become
a better overall characters aka Character Development for them.

It’s likely not possible but maybe it’ll happen in the future.
That or they’ll be stuck as snotty jerk bullies forever. Though Silver Spoon may be nicer if she wasn’t with Diamond Tiara…wait, it would be awesome to see an episode focused on her and her issues with Diamond Tiara aka their friendship or something close to it!

Getting back to topic, I don’t have that much to say about this episode as it’s better
for y’all to watch it for yourself! But i’m happy to see the CMC learned their lessons in a good
way along with being true to themselves hehe! Sweetie Belle was a hoot n’ toot character I gotta say and I like that nice personality of hers!

Overall, great episode written by…DAVE POLSKY!!!
The best part is that this episode is non-controversy nor bad at all hehe!

Oh and I like the way Spike was done in this episode!
Though he made too much of those nachos, he now can have them all to his self hehe!
(At least he isn’t abused or thrown in as a pushover character in the episode. He deserves more better!)

One last thing…Pinkie Pie is a WAITER!!!
Edit: Oh wait! She isn’t a waiter but a customer haha!
I was watching the episode premiere on my Small TV so I couldn’t tell if she
was a waiter or not! My bad but it’s nice to see her again! ^_^

Still she’s the lovable Pinkie Pie as well with personality (aka she’s Pinkie Pie we all love hehe!) Great job y’all, thanks for making this episode and continue to be awesome staff of MLP-FiM!

Alright that’s all I wanted to say!
You can watch the episode below unless you seen it already hehe.
Enjoy it well and have fun! =)

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