Clouds in the wind by LeonBrony

How can I describe this episode without spoiling it…
Oh I know, it’s SUPER AWESOME hehe!

Again another EXCELLENT episode written by Amy Keating Rogers who before
made the amazing, superb episode of Season 4, Pinkie Pride!

Pinkie Pride being my all-time favorite of Season 4 too along with Flight to The Finish and now Filli Vanilli is another great favorite of mine too hehe! =D

But yes, this episode is filled with goodness though I gotta say that
while Pinkie Pie was Pinkie Pie in this episode, she certainly gone a bit too far.
Never enough to stop me from loving her hehe but I think Amy may of over did just a
bit with her around the end.

But I will say that it’s certainly not Pinkie being dumb but just clueless
and I can relate to that clueless as once in a while, when you talk to someone you
may say something that’s affects the person in the wrong way with you knowing what you said wrong. An interesting flaw of Pinkie Pie indeed though I was more hopeful that Pinkie would realize what she was doing around the end.

Oh well that ends well, this episode still was absolutely FANTASTIC and the best part…is
something I can’t say as I don’t want to spoil it with y’all hehe! XD

But I just love love loved it all and the morale of the story was brilliantly
written and very relatable as well! I applaud the voice actors, writers, animators, storyboard artists, and much much more for everything hehe!

At this point, if you haven’t seen the episode then I highly recommend watching it when you can!
This was one excellent episode and it calls back to an special episode of the past, one that made me
fully become a brony to this day! You’ll know what I mean hehe.

I can’t say much more then just that I loved this episode and I hope y’all enjoy it well!
Thanks for reading and never stop being awesome! ^_^

You can download the episode here in 1080p/720p!

Filli Vanilli – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Filli Vanilli – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected