Cheese n Pinkie by FillyBlue


Sorry, I kinda had a EXCITEMENT moment right there hehe.
But yes, Weird Al has finally made his way into the world of MLP-FiM
and guest joined the cast of MLP-FiM voice actors!

I just gotta say that he, voicing as Cheese Sandwich, was amazing hehe!
Amazing isn’t enough though to describe just how BRILLIANTLY AWESOME THIS EPISODE IS!!! =D

They’re a ton of songs in this episode, filled with excitement, happiness, and emotional
parts as well! Pinkie Pie in this episode was amazing in this episode as well and again shows
that she’s not just a lol-so-random pony but a pony who has emotion and cares about her friends and throwing the best parties she can!

That’s her talent and a part of her element of friendship and this episode shows her doubting her talent and feeling sad about it until she gets her composure back from looking back at her past “best” parties!

Alright I won’t say anything more because this episode is FILLED with so many stuff that you guys gotta watch for yourself, watch and listen too as well!

Pinkie Pie isn’t the only pony though who has her sad moments, I related a bit to Cheese Sandwich’s backstory and almost teared up as well as I was like him a bit when I was young.

You’ll see it when you watch the episode below on Dailymotion, unless you already seen it then you know what i’m talking about. Yeah…i’m happy with what happened though in his backstory after finding his inspiration and joy!

I’m stopping now! I’m stopping hehe!
Let me conclude by saying that this episode was PHENOMENAL and is now an instant-top favorite episode of mine as well! I surely would re-watch this episode a lot of times because of how amazing it is hehe!

I hope Cheese Sandwich comes back again in the future. (If Weird Al doesn’t mind guest-voicing again that is hehe!)

The songs, the animation, the writing, the characterization, the feeling and emotions and EVERYTHING ELSE had me a smiling in joy with a bit of laughter, tears, sadness, and fun as well!

Oh and Derpy Hooves makes a return in this episode as well! yay~
Also they pulled an awesome Spongebob joke in this episode, OMiGOSH YES HAHA!!!
TO THE STAFF OF MLP-FiM, you guys ROCK! woohoo~ and I hope you keep it up on these episodes in the future!

That’s enough of me, I hope y’all enjoy the episode below!
Thanks for reading, enjoy and pony on! yay~

Download Pinkie Pie here in either 1080p/720p!

Pinkie Pride – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Pinkie Pride – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected