Do A Little Shake – Wallpaper by Tzolkine

Twilight Sparkle and Cadence! yay~
Enjoyable and fun is all I can saw about this episode.

A great episode as well! Great in the sense of story, animation, characterization (Twilight Sparkle
and others being on key), and new settings along with an song!

Yup, particularly it was the an certain character I would love to say his name but won’t for the sake
of spoilers that I loved in this episode well!

He knocked it right out of the park especially when he sung his song too hehe!
It’s one of my favorite parts as well! Oh yeah, this episode is another favorite of mine too in Season 4!

Also this episode was interesting that it deal with Twilight Sparkle just wanting to spend quality
time with her Sister-in-law, Princess Cadence! Yup and I think this is the first time Twily calls Cadence her sister-in-law too!

To spend some fun time together, getting to know each-other and closer as sisters in the name of friendship! An episode where Twilight Sparkle doesn’t have to worry about anything bad such as the fate of Equestria falling in her hoofs again like before…

Nothing bad at all will happen.
Eenope, nothing at all…or will it hehe.
You can find out by watching the episode below! (Unless you already watched it hehe then you already know who i’m talking about!)

Well anywho, I lastly want to say that I like the small, lovely message Cadence say and that
a certain someone learns his lesson in this episode as well.

All he wanted to do was to test Twily’s Friendship and see if she will
go to the ends for him hehe! =)

Oh and how sweet that he reads and responds to sweetful messages as friends.
If you guessed who i’m talking about already, then good on you hehe! =)

That creature at the end was cool too, another nice mythology creature to add to the Friendship is Magic cast of magical creatures hehe!

Anyways great episode and gosh i’m so so SO excited and can’t wait for next week’s
episode featuring guest voice WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!!! YES I love Weird Al a ton and can’t wait
to watch next week’s episode hehe! He’ll be voicing as Cheese Sandwich btw and it’s an Pinkie Pie episode as well so can’t wait! ^_^

Enough of me talking…typing, go watch the episode below and enjoy hehe!

Download Three’s a Crowd here:

Three’s A Crowd – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Three’s A Crowd – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected