Flying Rainbow Dash Wallpaper by TViral

Gosh, this episode was interesting. That and it was full of great humor!
Sorry, but I just gotta say this…YEAAAAH!!!

Snowflake now named Bulk Biceps (The Big Muscalar Pony) can now talk and is voiced
by Michael Dobson (Twitter – who has voiced lots of characters
before including NAPPA! =D

Congrats and thanks for being great in this episode Micheal!
An warm, awesome welcome to you to the round of MLP-FiM voice-acting hehe!

Again sorry, but to be honest that wasn’t much of an spoiler as you’ll see him in the first
few seconds into the episode hehe! But I won’t spoil anything else beyond that!

Alright moving along, I really enjoyed this episode and much more with Rainbow Dash as
she did an fine job especially at the end of the episode!

Same as ever but awesome overall, she really does pull it out by understand what she
may of done and learning about it as well.

I can’t say what she said as you’ll have to find out for yourself by watching the episode below
linked on Dailymotion, but she was something alright hehe!

The humor was great as I said before, Bulk Biceps being the star of this episode!
I got some good ol’ chuckles while watching this hehe! Ah yes, the writing staff and the
animation guys really did an fine job portraying it!

With this episode, Rainbow Dash and her team are trying to get qualified in the Equestrian Trials
with the help of her friends like Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack! They all were doing
their best in this episode to try to provide for the team! That I can say happily.

Pinkie Pie though…was funny and great too with her fun cheer-leading style and ways!
Loved the costumes she wore too along with Twily’s which I gotta say was cute, awesome and a bit funny!

The Wonderbolts make an appearance in this episode, an major and interesting lead in this episode as well that Rainbow Dash had met. I can’t say much as it will spoil a lot of the episode but I’m happy with what they did around the end and that’s nice that they learn from it too!

Oh and the other wonderbolt pony that I don’t know the name of yet…is now talking! Yippie!
More voices and this voice is cute hehe! Props to the voice actor behind her! =D

The last thing I like to talk about is the ending and it’s connection to Rainbow Dash.
I’m intrigued as to what will happen in the future dealing with yet another mysterious/ambiguous ending that’s likely connected to the box from Season 4 episode 1! Can’t wait to find out throughout the future of Season 4 hehe!

Alright that is all I wanted to say!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the episode below!
That or download the episode hehe!

Oh and that awesome lovable pony, she’s here to stay!
Who? Oh you’ll know what I mean by watching the episode below. (If you already seen it, then you know who i’m talking about hehe!) Let’s just say that she won’t be going anywhere as it’s confirmed by the staff that she’s here to stay! ^_^

Download Rainbow Falls in 1080p/720p here:

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Rainbow Falls – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected