My Little Avengers by Adyon

This episode was really fun, especially the ending with
Fluttershy turning into…!

I won’t say it as you got to see it for yourself hehe!
In this episode, all the ponies gain super powers and spike
tags along as well!

It was actiony and amazing at best to see how the Mane 6 use
their new found powers and it was also saddening to see Spike
feel down as well, not of being any of help.

Until the end which was very nice indeed hehe. =)

I love the costumes and the connections to the superheroes
of DC and Marvel that the Mane 6 have! I don’t know much about Twilight but
I do sure know about the other 5 hehe!

My favorite of the power ponies goes to Rarity when it comes
to her amazing powers! Fluttershy ranks second and the others
I like too! ^_^

The main villain in this episode was awesome too!
Mane-iac is her name and she’s insane and reminds me most
of Doctor Octopus of Spider-man when it comes to her abilities!

I hope to see more of her in the future! Yup!

Before I close off with the download links to the episode
and the episode on Dailymotion, I just want to say that this
episode has brought a blaze of new ideas for future MLP-FiM episodes!

It has something to do with books and I won’t say as i’ll spoil
it! But you’ll find out at the end of the episode…and I hope
that in the unforeseeable future, an certain episode featuring a certain
purple, adorkable pony explores this new found idea! =D

Anyways it’s an great episode and if you want to read further thoughts
of the episode, here’s a link to a G+ post I made talking about it all!

Onward to the episode! Watch or download it below and enjoy
the 6th episode of Season 4, Power Ponies hehe!

You can download the episode, Power Ponies, here in 1080p/720p!

Power Ponies – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Power Ponies – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected