(Applejack: Must stay professional)

My new all-time favorite episode too tackling a heavy topic as well
on disabilities.

I just have to say this first and foremost…this episode was
written by another new writer joining the MLP-FiM staff.
Written by Ed Valentine, this is his very first MLP-FiM episode as part of the staff behind
the show and this was a big episode that I felt a bit worrisome at first before it premiered.

I was optimistic though and excited, but just a tad worried.

After it premiered watching the whole episode, my worries were put to rest and
my excitement and happiness was through the roof and beyond because this was by far…
THE BEST EPISODE EVER of Season 4! I loved pretty much everything and have no problems
with it at all!

Seriously I enjoyed the characters such as Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo in this
episode, along with Professional Hoofshoes aka Ms. Harshwhinny as well (I love her in this episode too especially at the end haha).

Mainly what gotten me so in love with this episode was not only the characters but the interaction with Rainbow Dash at the end. It was so well written and so well handled out that it made me look at Rainbow Dash in a different light, I won’t say what happened but…it made me smile so much. The words she said are so true and i’m happy to hear what she said to Scoots.

The issue was very well handled and i’m happy to see what direction they have
for Scoots! =D

Oh and another thing with this awesome episode, new CMC song…and I love it. It’s very catchy,
well-versed, and a nice song overall. This being the first season 4 song, I love it a ton and
it’s already a new favorite of mine as well. I can’t wait to hear more songs as Season 4 goes onward! ^_^

It’s addictive too hehe!
“We got hearts, We got hearrrrt~ as strong as horses!”

Just couldn’t help but say that hehe!
*Cue Mulan “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” as this awesome song reminds me of it!

A lot of things in this episode was just amazing and I hope to see more
awesome episodes like this from Ed in the future!

I like to add one more thing though…
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are now voted for best snotty brats ever!
But seriously these two were just so MEAN! More mean then before that
it’s annoying to see them go that far toward scoots.
But at least everything turn out well in the end hehe!

Anywho, enjoy the episode y’all! I believe
you’ll like/love it just like me hehe! (Or for some reason, dislike it which is okay.)

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