A Thousand Years Later by ASTROtheH

This was an interesting episode filled with good humor and character interaction!
It’s pretty much one of my favorite episodes of Season 4 as well hehe!

Loved the continuity nods to the Season 4 premiere as well as the
old castle that’s chock full of stuff hehe!

The ending was predictable but was still funny and enjoyable hehe!
My favorite bits would include the Organ, ponies interacting (though not that
much character development or anything), the good humor, the old castle, and everything else!

Now I can’t wait til next weeks episode hehe!
Anyways here’s the episode on Dailymotion in 1080p, enjoy! ^_^

I like to say something that y’all should know for fun!
This is the first episode written by an brand new writer now part of the
Friendship is Magic Staff! The writer of this episode is named Josh Haber and during
the episode premiere he live-tweeted stuff and more about the episode for fun and more!

He’s already in the know about bronies and a awesome guy as well!
With his first episode he’s done an good job even if they’re some flaws in it hehe!
I believe he’ll improve and become a better writer as times go on! =D

I surely can’t wait to see the next episode in Season 4 written by him though hehe! ^_^

Download Castle Mane-ia here:

Castle Mane-ia – 720p WEB-DL Color-Corrected

Castle Mane-ia – 1080p WEB-DL Color-Corrected