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Twilight’s Kingdom Parts 1&2 – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep. 25 and 26

Unleash [SFM|GIF] by argodaemon
(Made back in November 2013, but represents how awesome the episodes are
and in hindsight, very accurate hehe!)

THE SEASON 4 FINALE, finally finishing up Season 4 and gosh is just amazing!
Oh my gosh y’all who haven’t seen this episode, you’re in for one heck of an episode with an intimating character as well brought back from G1 of MLP!

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Equestria Games – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.24

Crystal Kingdom by 3luk

Well well, this was an pleasant surprise hehe!
A pleasant surprise that may surprise y’all too if you don’t know
what’s gonna happen in the episode!

Dave Polsky you’ve yet again done an good job writing this episode!
A nice episode indeed among other good episodes you’ve written during Season 4!

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Inspiration Manifestation – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.23

Spike’s Dream by Game-BeatX14

How fascinating I gotta say hehe.

Now it’s not the bestest episode to me but an good episode overall hehe!
First off is it’s an SPIKE AND RARITY EPISODE! =D

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Trade Ya – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.22

Twilight with Friends by DeannART

Two whole weeks have passed with Season 4’s first break and here
we have Trade Ya which I really enjoyed a lot!

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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.21

Flying Forward (Wallpaper Version) by verulence

Guys, this episode was AMAZING!!!

Before I watched this episode on the day of it’s premiere, I knew nothing about the episode except for one thing I won’t spoil for y’all like I did for myself. That one thing was something I learned accidentally from reading the comments on Equestria Daily hehe!

But let me just say that I wasn’t expecting this episode to be fantastic!
OMiGOSH it was such an surprise and it reminded me of how awesome Lesson Zero was when I first watched it hehe!

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Leap of Faith – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.20

Apple Family Best Friends Forever by Secret-Asian-Man

First off, what an interesting episode title…I like it!

Second, this is an really good episode that doesn’t do too much or do too little!
It’s just an fairly good episode written by Josh Habur who some of you may remember writing
episodes such as “Simple Ways” and “Castle Mane-ia” hehe!

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For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils – MLP-FiM Season 4 Ep.19

The Beauty of Song by ROBBERGON

This was an particularly nice episode though I honestly feel it’s not my favorite.

Going in this episode blind I never would suspect a certain pony return again and
I was happy to see her again, being overall awesome hehe! I won’t how-ever spoil it and only
allow you to guess who that pony is until you watch the episode…unless you already know
who i’m talking about hehe.

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